Psychic photography refers to images caught on film that clearly weren't there when the picture was taken. There is much debate on how the images appear on the film. Some think that the images are actually there but you can't see them with the naked eye while others believe that the spirit(s), using electromagnetic energy somehow plants their likeness on the negative. I always thought that the images were actually there but after many tests I tend to believe that somehow they are imprinted onto the negative. There may be many people taking pictures in the same spot and only one may get a psychic or spirit photo. Some people are naturally gifted and may get more than others. Any camera will do. A cheap disposable or an expensive one work equally well. However instead of using a digital camera I use a regular camera so I can always have the negative. Psychic photos don't always have to be taken in haunted houses or cemeteries. They can be taken anywhere a spirit is present that wants to show itself in this way. There seem to be 3 types of images that are most common: 1. Orbs or ghost lights - look like "moons", usually white and color and may look 3 dimensional. 2. Vortex type - appearance much like a little cyclone or wavy lines. 3. Ectoplasm type - This is the most dramatic of psychic photos and appears like a mist or fog and this is the type a figure or face most likely will appear. Some general rules for taking psychic pictures. Do not take pictures in the rain, even a slight drizzle will appear as orbs. Do not take pictures in the fog for obvious reasons. Remove your camera strap. Every skeptic thinks every psychic photo is a camera strap! Use 400 speed film or higher. Insert your film at the location you will be photographing as to give the spirit every opportunity it needs to appear on your film. Do not smoke or take pictures in weather so cold you can see your breath. Here are some examples of psychic photographs that I have taken:
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