Below are some of the tools I find effective when investigating haunted locations: 1. A video camera for documenting an investigation and for interviews. 2. A camera for obtaining psychic photos, any camera will do, even a disposable. 400 or 1,000 speed film works best for me. Loading your camera at the location you will be photographing usually gets best results. See psychic photo page for more tips. 3. Infrared Thermometer 4. A non-contact infrared thermometer is useful since spirit activity can create "cold spots". The model I use is the one without a laser feature since the laser just measures the surface of an object that it is pointed at. It is also more expensive. This model reads the temperature right in front of you so you can measure temperature fluctuations. When the temperature drops or rises it is also a good idea to snap some pictures. 5. Electro Magnetic Field Meter or Gauss meter can detect fields of electromagnetic energy. Be sure to check all areas of place you are investigating first since you will get strong readings near appliances and anything electrical. 6. Motion detectors can be helpful when trying to "cover" many rooms at once. 7. The two most important things to me as far as documenting a haunting are the camera and tape recorder. The tape recorder is of course important for interviews but also for getting EVPs. Please see EVP page. 8. A K-II meter is another type of electromagentic field indicator I use. It can sometimes be used as a communication device also. 9. Wireless cameras with night vision are helpful in monitoring more than one area in larger homes or locations.
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