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The Curtis House is the oldest inn in Connecticut est. 1754. It is also said to be haunted.If you were to stay in room 16 you might experience such happenings as sheets being torn from your body.Employees going to the back room to get wood from the wood pile have reported seeing the apparition of a former employee wandering through the back storage room. In the kitchen,there are reports of spoons hanging on the wall being moved. A former dishwasher liked his spoons to be facing the wall when hung up. If anyone were to hang the spoons facing outward they would arrive in the morning to find the spoons turned back around to face the wall. The caretaker Robert requested that we take a look. The investigators,Jim, Mike and Carrie arrived at 10:00pm on May 29, 2006. Robert gave us a tour of the Inn, and we were shown the locations of the alleged paranormal activity. We focused mainly on the basement and room 16.We were able to capture video of a floating orb by the wood pile but I'm not the biggest fan of orbs.But we were able to capture several EVPs.We used 5 voice recorders including 2 digital recorders, 1 cassette recorder and a 2 micro cassette recorders. EVPs that were captured;“19” when asked their age, “Help,” “I killed her,” “No pain” “Shut up!”. We left at 2:00 am. Further research will to be done of the Inn's history.We’ll keep you posted kids! And thanks to TJ and Nick Brennan for being so helpful and patient during our investigations. The Curtis house 506 Main Street South Woodbury,Connecicut 06798
The Curtis House Inn
In October of 2005, my wife and I spent the night at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts. I did not plan on doing an investigation, but simply wanted to cross it off my “Things to do before I die” checklist.
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
After the tour of the house we were heading to bed, when I noticed 3 other guests sitting in the dark in the “sitting room” on the first floor. I asked if they were going to sleep and they said they were going to stay up and wait for “something to happen”. So my wife went up to bed and I of course had to stay up with them. My decision in no way had to do with that they were all blondes. Before I go any further ,let me give you a very brief history of the Lizzie Borden story: On August 4,1892.Andrew Borden and his wife (Lizzies step- mother) Abby were brutally (is there any other way?) murdered in broad daylight. Abby was murdered in an upstairs bedroom (the one we stayed in).She was struck in the head with an axe 18 times. Her husband Andrew was killed in the same way but struck 11 times.
While the circumstantial evidence all pointed to their daughter Lizzie who was 32 and home at the time and who claims not to have heard or seen anything, she was found not guilty at trial, probably due to lack of physical evidence. Since her death the house has been haunted with guests seeing ghostly figures and hearing voices etc Back to my story; At approximately 10pm we were all sitting in the living room waiting for “something to happen!”. I got tired of this and went to my car and grabbed my tape recorder and camera. We went into the kitchen to get some coffee and were joined by owner Lee-ann.I placed the recorder on the counter top and got some EVP's. I ASKED IF ANYONE WAS HERE AND GOT THIS WHICH I BELIEVE IS SAYING "GET OUT" Download to listen I ASKED "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" ANY SUGGESTIONS? Download to listen Later that night I was taking pictures in the basement on the area believed to be the spot where Lizzie hid her bloody clothes and disposed on her axe. I believe this image on the basement wall might be of Lizzies father Andrew. .
The Haunted Cable Box
The family you are about to hear about will likely never complain that there's nothing interesting to watch on TV anymore. At 11PM, Dave, his wife Lisa and their 14 year old son, Ben planned to watch a Seinfeld rerun. The family had trouble sleeping lately since Ben's 20 year old cousin had committed suicide a few days earlier. Little did they know the events of that evening would change their lives forever. About 10 minutes into the program, the TV started to change channels on its own. Lisa suggested that it might be her nephews spirit trying to communicate. At that point, it stopped. Dave asked "If you are a spirit go to channel 24". After going to 24 the TV raced from channel 72 to zero over and over again. Then they put a bible next to the TV and prayed for the spirit to go away. But before the first prayer was over the bible was thrown to the floor. They went to sleep and hoped maybe tomorrow it would stop. Again, everything was fine until 11PM. The channels were racing from 72 to zero. Ben had an idea. He said "Lets say that channel 1 is A, Channel 2 is B and channel 26 is Z. The cable box immediately switched to channels 25, 5 then 19 which spelled Yes. Using this code they talked with the TV for the next 2 hours. They discovered that they were supposedly talking to a spirit whose name was Joe Dana, a man who was murdered in their same 1st floor apartment 10 years earlier. Joe also added that he was rolled up in a carpet and buried under a porch down the street. When they asked Joe how they could help him, Joe requested that he have a Christian burial since his body was never found and murderer never caught. He even gave Dave his social security number and Dave recorded all this information and intended to call the police and check out his story. An officer arrived the next morning and inquired how Dave had gotten this information. When he told him the story about the cable box, understandably, the cop looked at him like he was nuts. But when Dave asked him a series of questions including his birthday and even is home phone number, the TV answered all of them correctly. The events that the officer witnessed were included in this police report. An investigation turned up that no one named Joe Dana ever lived in their house or was ever reported missing. And the social security number he gave never existed. Now, the family had a new question. Who or what have they been talking to for the past week? By the time we were called to help, the entity didn't use the TV to communicate anymore. All the members of the family reported hearing low, guttural voices in a language they didn't understand. They also reported seeing black shapes moving from room to room. After our investigation, we all agreed we would have to come back the next day and give their home an exorcism. We were not dealing with a human spirit, but with the demonic. When we arrived the next evening, Dave informed us that the TV had communicated again. Right before we came, the cable box kept blinking, 66, 66, then it gave one last message "Look out tonight". While we were setting up our equipment we noticed black swirling masses in the son's bedroom. As we were trying to capture these on videotape, Ben ran in crying, holding his shirt up, showing us a round burn mark on his stomach. He said that a 3 foot tall creature charged at him, and then disappeared after hitting him. We agreed to all stay together. Dave had the bible on audiotape and asked if he could play it when we started the exorcism. I said "Sure" and then he asked which tape to play. I looked at the set of 10, and just said to start with the first one. As he put it into the stereo and pressed play, it began playing backwards. We then tried every other tape in the set and they all worked fine. We proceeded with the exorcism and before we left, questioned the family one more time if they ever showed any interest in the occult. Then, Ben finally admitted participating in a satanic ritual that involved a sacrifice of a goat about a year earlier. This may have been the cause of the activity in their home, but we will never know, since the family abruptly left the house the next day. We never heard from them again and I had the tape that played backwards tested. There is nothing wrong with it but last time I checked, it still plays backwards.
With a typical haunting that involves a ghost you might hear quiet footsteps at night, feel a cold spot here and there. You might even catch a glimpse of the ghost out of the corner of your eye. But a poltergeist is just the opposite. They are noisy, mischievous and destructive. While ghosts prefer night time, the poltergeist will perform day or night. Poltergeist, in German means noisy ghost and it usually involves a young adolescent. This next case which doesn’t fit neatly into any one category, I will call a poltergeist. In the spring of 1995, Mark and Amy, both in their mid-twenties ,were married and bought their first home. The small ranch located on a quiet street needed a little work, but Mark who was a carpenter was looking forward to working on his new home. Everything was fine until December when after decorating the Christmas tree, they noticed the ornaments seemed to have changed positions during the night. This would happen many more times during the next few weeks. One morning Amy saw an elderly couple standing next to the tree. They seemed to be admiring it .She also noticed that she could see right through them. She went to the bedroom to wake Mark, but when they went back to the tree, there was no one there. She admitted it could have been her imagination. Another quiet 6 months went by until one night in July, a bottle cap flew off the table during dinner and went all the way into the neighboring living room. Later that evening Amy was pushed at her shoulders by an unseen force hard enough to send her crashing through a glass coffee table. The following are some events that plagued Amy and Mark for the next 6 months : Clothing was removed from their dressers and thrown around the house. Clothing from the dryer was thrown across the room. Objects from shelves disappeared and mysteriously turned up in odd places. Their fire and burglar alarms would go off for no reason causing the police and fire departments to respond every time. They would hear there names being whispered while in bed. One morning while Amy was taking the trash out from the laundry room, she found every one of her clothespins neatly hanging on the pull chain to the light. After realizing that this was no longer their imaginations they sought help from their local priest who blessed their house. Apparently, this only angered the spirit. Not even 2 weeks later, Amy went shopping at 3:10, and Mark came home at 3:30. When he walked in to his house, Mark immediately called the police. -Their living room was completely rearranged. -Almost every drawer in the house had been opened with their contents taken out. -In bold black letters "get out of my house" was written on their refrigerator. -On the kitchen table and bedroom mirror was written "Get Out ". -The seats on the kitchen chairs had 3 slash marks each. Mark explained to the police that he changed the locks and had alarms installed when he bought the house and no one else had a key. The police found no forced entry and even if they had, this all took place in only 20 minutes. Amy and Mark finally contacted us shortly after this incident. During the interview we requested that the couple ask their neighbors about the history of the house. We discovered that the previous owners died and left the house to their daughter, but left their son nothing because of his heavy drug use and criminal record. The son who was very upset that he was left out of the Will died of a drug overdose in July of 1996 which is coincidentally the same month and year when all the activity started. Mark and Amy decided to let him have his house and sold it that winter. This house has changed owners 2 times since and is currently on the market again.
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