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Bucksport, Maine- The Gravestone of Col. John Buck is supposedly cursed by a witch who Buck had executed during the Salem Witch craze. Before she was hung her last words were, "I'm going to dance on your grave." When Buck died his previously unblemished tombstone had a "Foot" appear. Unable to remove the "foot" they gave him a new stone only for it to happen again. Bucksport is located on State Route 15 and US 1, directly south of Bangor. Evergreen Cemetery- New Haven, Connecticut.- Home to one of the most legendary ghosts in New England . "The people shall be troubled at midnight and pass away" read the black letters on Mary Hart's huge gravestone. This has been interpreted as a curse to all those who dare visit Miss Hart's grave at the witching hour. Mary Hart, better known as Midnight Mary apparently died and was buried in October of 1872 at age 47. The next evening ,Mary's aunt had a dream that Mary woke up in her coffin, realized she was buried alive and began screaming and clawing to get out. She alerted her family and they went out to check the grave. Upon uncovering the coffin it was obvious Mary was dead ,but her body was in a different position and there were scratches on the inside of the coffin. It is believed that Mary had a sickness that "copied " death and still haunts the cemetery. There are rumors of people being impaled on the iron gates near her grave and at least 2 reports of college students who set out on dares to spend the night there. One student never returned and another fell down a flight of stairs the next day and was left paralyzed. The cemetery is located on Ella Grasso Blvd in New Haven. Union Cemetery- Easton, Connecticut- The White Lady might be the most famous ghost this side of Chicago's Resurrection Mary ( what is it with these Marys ?!) For almost 100 years people in the area have reported seeing a lady in a white dress either walking among the tombstones or on the neighboring streets of Union Cemetery. For those of you interested in taking psychic pictures or EVPs, this is the most "active cemetery" I have been to . Along with over 200 psychic photos , I also have captured a few voices on tape here too. The police are very strict here and may ticket you even for parking OUTSIDE after dark. The Sightings TV show filmed the "Lady in White" episode here and at Stepney Cemetery. Stepney Cemetery- Stepney, Connecticut- A lady in a white dress has also been seen walking along Pepper Street in front of this cemetery. In the early 90's a fireman responding to a fire on a telephone pole in front of this cemetery struck the "ghost". He struck the woman but when he went to help her she had disappeared and left his front end of his truck badly damaged. Another great spot for psychic photographs. The Grave of Mercy Brown- Exeter ,Rhode Island- The small cemetery behind Chestnut Hill Baptist Church is where you will find the grave of the most famous "vampire" in New England. Mercy was 19 when she died but when other family members became sick soon after it was decided that she was a vampire. She was dug up 3 months after burial and her heart was still wet with blood .She was cut to pieces and her heart was made into a "antidote" to cure her brother. It is because of this violation of her body that she still haunts her gravesite and witnesses have heard a girl's cries and seen strange lights there. Gunntown Cemetery-Naugatuck, Connecticut- An old historic cemetery which is another site for taking psychic photographs. Gregory's Four Corner's Burial Grounds- Hanna Cranna, the witch of Monroe is buried here. When she was about to die she asked her neighbors that she be carried by pallbearers to her resting place and not be put on a sled since a recent storm had left a lot of snow .They didn't listen to Hanna and her coffin kept sliding off the sled .They then chained her coffin to the sled but the coffin began to rattle and shake so much that the chains broke. Hanna finally got her wish and she was carried all the way. Some people have claimed to hear her moaning from her grave as well as her former home. This is where the legend starts; There are two dates of death on Hanna Cranna's tombstone. Obviously, there are no records to prove this but some claim that she cheated death once and died a year later …again. This cemetery is located on the Trumbull and Monroe town line. The Green Lady- Burlington, Connecticut - Supposedly haunted by a woman who drowned in the area. She is described by witnesses to be surrounded by a green glow. Old Trinity Church- Brooklyn, Connecticut - Serial killer Michael Ross buried some of his victims in the cemetery behind this church .This is the reason for the paranormal activity in this area. Saint Michaels cemetery - Ansonia, Connecticut - An active cemetery where you can capture some great psychic photgraphs. Located on Silver Hill Rd. Pine Grove cemetery - Ansonia, Connecticut - Cemetery which is supposedly haunted. Witnesses report hearing children laughing and chains rattling. Located on Church Street. Great Hill cemetery a.k.a. Hookman's cemetery - Seymour, Connecticut - By far the creepiest cemetery I have been to. Many of the gravestones date back to the 1700s. There are too many stories to list about how Great Hill cemetery got its nickname "Hookman's" all having to do with a man with a hook for a hand. My infrared thermometer dropped from 81 to 59 degrees in about 10 seconds during a recent visit. Its worth a trip and its located on appropriately named Cemetery Rd.
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